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About Us

"Eonios Iniohos" has been operating since 1989. Our name has an inner symbolism...

Iniohos is he who controls the chariot and horses and Eonios (eternal) because he is beyond the time of decay, birth - death.

It is the inner Teacher, the Self that leads each soul from darkness to Light.

It is he who teaches him to control the mind, emotions and body and leads him beyond them to Union with the Self, to Realization.

Our vision when we opened the bookstore was to structure a space for presenting all philosophical currents, religions - traditions, esotericism, alternative arts...

Also, in terms of publications, selected spiritual books of substance that were missing from the "space". So we brought together all the books of the "space" creating a field of composition and substance. Then we introduced English spiritual book!

And finally we import from India, Tibet, China, Japan, Nepal, other Asian countries and Europe all alternative types: aromatherapy, reflexology, crystal therapy (in crystals or tied jewelry), feng shui and healing vaastu, yantras, spiritual statues, incense sticks , pendulum, spiritual music siddhi etc.

We have built a place with Love so that every seeker will find that he is moving around the world in terms of Knowledge, but also everything else that will accompany him, inspire him and guide him.

We wanted to give a different flavor to our space - spiritual atmosphere, love, service and responsiveness - an oasis in the desert of materialism and from what our customers say, we succeeded!

We always keep the same tempo and rhythm as our life is devoted to spiritual life.

"Eonios Iniohos" represents no religion, no group, no inner current. It is a Synthesis Garden where all the flowers and trees fit and survive, are carefully cared for and the whole enables everyone to listen, be inspired and get what everyone wants.

We are only caretakers of the Garden...

We have completed 35 years of operation and the course has taught us a lot.

We continue to meet your expectations effectively, responsibly, professionally, but above all with knowledge, for everything you ask of us.

Always happy to serve you!