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Feng Shui Health Section - East

Model: LSOJX
Resin statue with rhodium plating Asclepius is the ideal perception of the healing power of nature, as it is perceived by people today, which works during the "mild" seasons in the heights and in the fresh air, under the soft glow and heat of the Sun, in the points that spring cool spri..
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Model: SSS
Height: 14cm. Bronze statue of the healing Buddha who heals from mental and physical ailments as well as the three poisons (attachment, ignorance, hatred). Width: 9 cm...
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Model: Buddha_health
It is placed in the East (health sector)...
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Bronze dragon with chi ball. It strengthens the energy of the space, protects chi and channels it into channels of creation, productivity and prosperity. Excellent symbol of health and strength. Dimensions 16 x 12 cm...
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Model: 030
For health-protection of Chi and good luck Material: cream-blue resin, dimension: 22 cm wide x 12 high High quality resins painted mostly by hand, for a beautiful presence that differentiates itself from the corresponding manufactured items...
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Model: Dragon-agate
The Dragon is the mythological animal that represents strength and stability. Agate brings us into contact with nature, helps us to transmit knowledge. It gives courage, strength and balance to our 3 elements. It gives courage and confidence, softens wit, blesses fertility and prosperity. It gives..
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Model: Dragon-amethyst
The Dragon is the mythological animal that represents strength and stability. Amethyst is the gem of friendship, love and peace. It connects to the spiritual world and is associated with the crown chakra. It is a very healing stone for both body, mind and spirit. On a spiritual level, it helps..
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God of Health..
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A Dragon symbolizes strength, health, harmony and intelligence. The green dragon is ideal for taking care of the health of the family. Green jade has healing properties. It is considered the ultimate symbol of calmness, peace, abundance, wisdom and perfection. It is a natural emitter of heat. It ..
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Model: DRYH
Large resin healing Buddha with rhodium plating. To protect and maintain health and peace in your space...
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Model: ALVD
Bronze Healing Buddha. Heals mental and physical ailments...
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Model: 516
Traditional Tibetan healing Buddha mandala on a red-gold background..
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