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Βουδιστικά - κινέζικα αγάλματα και είδη

Model: SKU4306
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Model: stat11
Height: 88 cm x 65 cm..
Ex Tax:5,645.16€
Model: TZR21
Bronze dragon turtle. A mixed symbol as it has the dragon for health and protection and the turtle for longevity and professional enhancement. The lucky coins on her back bring wealth and prosperity to the house...
Ex Tax:17.74€
Model: SSS
Height: 14cm. Bronze statue of the healing Buddha who heals from mental and physical ailments as well as the three poisons (attachment, ignorance, hatred). Width: 9 cm...
Ex Tax:56.45€
Model: AOLX
The laughing Buddha is the ultimate symbol of joy, abundance and prosperity. If the figurine has a metallic texture or color, it is identified with the element of metal. It will help you get in touch with joy, beauty, reason and expressiveness...
Ex Tax:64.52€
Model: W35
Ex Tax:120.97€
Model: WD87
Ex Tax:56.45€
Bronze dragon with chi ball. It strengthens the energy of the space, protects chi and channels it into channels of creation, productivity and prosperity. Excellent symbol of health and strength. Dimensions 16 x 12 cm...
Ex Tax:129.03€
Model: IKER56
A mixed symbol as it has the dragon for health and protection and the turtle for longevity and professional enhancement...
Ex Tax:12.90€
Model: 030
For health-protection of Chi and good luck Material: cream-blue resin, dimension: 22 cm wide x 12 high High quality resins painted mostly by hand, for a beautiful presence that differentiates itself from the corresponding manufactured items...
Ex Tax:40.32€
Model: 107 /μεγάλα
They guard the gate of good fortune and prosperity Material: bronze Dimensions: small and large..
Ex Tax:56.45€
A Dragon symbolizes strength, health, harmony and intelligence. The green dragon is ideal for taking care of the health of the family. Green jade has healing properties. It is considered the ultimate symbol of calmness, peace, abundance, wisdom and perfection. It is a natural emitter of heat. It ..
Ex Tax:201.61€
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