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Yantras (Indian Mandalas)

Model: Pendant_Ganesh
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A unique talisman mandala for protection against theft and accidents, the Hanuman mandala also bestows protection against inauspicious Mars, physical strength and is an ideal mandala for healers...
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Model: SOLK
Hanuman Yantra: Powerful protective mandala against accidents and theft for home and car. It gives strength, courage and prestige. Meditating along with fasting on this mandala for 40 days can fill us with bravery and dispel all adversity...
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Model: ASSDS
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Model: 194/α
Jupiter Yantra: The yantra of Jupiter, ideal for strengthening one's self-confidence, strength, will. It grants knowledge, prosperity in all 7 areas: wealth, power, prestige, health, love, career and knowledge. Home Location: Northeast. Yantras: archetypal symbols of sacred geometry from the ..
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Model: 186/β
Mandala that helps to complete any kind of work by overcoming challenges and obstacles Yantras: archetypal symbols of sacred geometry from the 3000-year-old Vedic tradition. 24K gold plated metal alloy energy mandalas Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm..
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