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For us at Eonios Iniohos, Orgonites are a science and a long experience. We combine the modern with the wise tradition.

They are made of visible copper bronze and aluminum metals combined with transparent resin. They are enriched with semi-precious and precious stones depending on the use we want, with yantras sacred geometric symbols (composition of eight metals including silver and gold), Rudraksha (sacred fruits from the sacred Himalayan Tree for powerful activation), spirals, sacred symbols, coded frequencies of empowerment for varied use depending on the purpose, planetary secrets and much more, depending on the use we choose.

Our Orgonites vary, pendants with angel symbols, yandra pyramids Orgonites, coasters Orgonites for activating water, tea, coffee food etc., site specific Orgonites for Feng Shui and Vastu correction healing and empowering our space and more.