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Model: rudr10
According to mythology it represents the 10 incarnations of the god Vishnu and the 10 deities of the 10 directions. It gives strength to our name and reputation. It helps to have no fear of enemies and gives victories in legal disputes. It is especially useful for those who lead in the professional ..
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Model: rudr12
The 12-sided rudraksha symbolizes the energy of the sun, the energy that gives life to the entire planet. That is why this particular rudraksha "illuminates" all aspects of our life, giving light and energy to all our activities. To its possessor it offers honor and admiration as to its pe..
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Model: rudr14
14 faced rudraksha gives its wearer mental calmness, peace and safety from accidents, diseases and tensions. It offers security and prosperity. It is said to have come directly from the eyes of Lord Shiva and therefore controls, strengthens and balances the 6th chakra (third eye). This rudraksha ..
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Model: rudr1
An extremely rare rudraksha representing the Higher Self. It offers spiritual fulfillment, peace, health, prosperity. It is considered the highest of all rudrakshas because it represents Shiva himself. It stimulates the divine consciousness within the person who wears it and helps where there is ..
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Model: rudr2
The two-faced rudraksha symbolizes the two forces, male and female, and according to mythology represents in perfect union the two deities, Shiva and his wife Parwati. It improves the love between the couple and increases wisdom. Astrologically it is associated with the planet Moon. It is effecti..
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Model: rudr3
3 mukhi rudraksha is known for its powerful power to stop all problems that have been created in the past and continue to exist even in the present. It is the element of fire and that is why it burns all the weaknesses that we accumulate from birth to birth that lead us to wrong choices and problems..
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Model: rudr5
The five-faceted rudraksha symbolizes Shiva himself because according to mythology Shiva has five faces. Calms the mind, strengthens memory, gives good health and longevity. Dispels negative thoughts and feelings, brings peace of mind, clarity of purpose and completion of goals. In combinati..
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Model: rudr6
This rudraksha helps us to remove our 6 inner enemies, anger, lust, greed, attachment, pride. It is very useful for the period of studies and for all jobs that involve a lot of mental engagement (lawyers, university students, students, etc.). It is also of great help to those who often give public s..
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Model: rudr7
Symbol of Goddess Laxmi, planet: Saturn This Rudraksha is associated with wealth and prosperity. It enhances work, business, income and dispels any unhappiness related to our physical, financial or mental state. It helps the wearer to have a rich and happy life. It is useful for diseases such as: w..
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Model: rudr8
Powerful talisman for dispelling obstacles and negative influences. It gives courage, strength and dispels spiritual weakness. It enhances writing and mental achievement. It brings victory in court cases. Increases prosperity and gives victories. It corresponds to the planet Rahu (north link)...
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Model: rudr9
It offers the protection of Goddess Durga, the supreme power-Sakti. Its energy is a shield against anyone who might threaten its owner. It increases strength and fearlessness and spreads good name or good reputation everywhere. It directs the person towards his inner world and strengthens the will p..
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Model: rudr11
This rudraksha offers knowledge, physical strength and resourcefulness. It is useful in cases where one has annoyances, many obstacles, makes wrong decisions, has many tensions or feels wronged by his life. It is also important for women (eg fertility, longevity, good luck). According to mytholog..
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