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Pair of white and green zand swans

Pair of white and green zand swans
Pair of white and green zand swans
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The swan possesses a multitude of virtues, including love, grace, purity, beauty, and honesty. In ancient times it was a symbol of the goddess of love, Aphrodite.
The Celts believed that swans were benevolent deities, and legend has it that their images were forged into silver pendants to be worn around the neck for protection.
In Hinduism, the Swan is known as the 'Hamsa' bird and signifies the Divine Mind and the Breath of the Spirit.

White jade can enhance or sweeten the energy of love in your life. Natural crystal that emits rich white light. It can work to enhance and improve the amount of love in your life. For an existing love he can be a wonderful and ideal partner. Because this stone is a lucky attraction crystal, it can bring new love into our lives when worn.

Green jade has healing properties. It is considered the ultimate symbol of calmness, peace, abundance, wisdom and perfection. It is a natural emitter of heat. It brings luck, prosperity, knowledge, elevates positive emotions, strengthens feelings of love and devotion, expands our endurance in difficulties.

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