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Infinity Love Fountain (Black)

Infinity Love Fountain (Black)
Infinity Love Fountain (Black)


The Amor fountain is the result of a desire to combine love and contemporary art. The upper part represents a couple of lovers who are connected by their feet to a glass sphere which is rotated by the movement of water. The ball is also illuminated by color-changing LED lighting.

This sculpture has a double symbolism because the couple also forms the infinity symbol which can be associated with their love. Simplicity in lines but also in color. It brings the flow of Love into our home. The symbol of infinity, the 8 it forms leads to the completion of our feelings and relationships over time.

In the living room, in the bedroom, on the table, in a cozy place ... wherever it will be, it will make that place unique and elegant.

- Length: 14 cm.

- Width: 14 cm.
- Height: 31 cm.
- Weight: 1 kg.
- Consumption: 2 to 4 Watt depending on the model.
- Material: resin.

​Dimensions 14 x 14 x 31 cm.

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