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Silver ring with garnet and moonstone

Silver ring with garnet and moonstone
Silver ring with garnet and moonstone


Silver ring with garnet and moonstone


  • It offers immediate energy, endurance and physical strength, especially when physical and mental effort is required in a short period of time.
  • It calms and balances confused emotions, making room for reconciliation and love
  • It sharpens perception, dispels confused thoughts, and facilitates self-centering and unhooking from past patterns and behaviors.
  • Removes negative energy from the chakras.
  • It increases sexuality and causes a passionate love affair.
  • It brings business success and increases creativity.
  • It gives courage, determination, energy and love for work.
  • It protects its owner from nightmares, but also from all kinds of accidents, especially travel ones. It is also believed to protect against theft and lightning.
  • It is useful in times of crisis and where there seems to be an impasse.

Moonstone is a stone full of feminine energy. It symbolizes the cycle of the moon and is associated with the female cycle of reproduction. It helps with emotional calm and promotes intuitive dreaming.

Ideal crystal for new beginnings, inner growth and strength, eases emotional instability, balance, stress reduction, calmness, intuition, inspiration, success, good luck in love and business, motherly love, fertility, selflessness, hope, prosperity, prosperity , ancient knowledge and wisdom, strong 'female' (yin) energy.

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