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With rudraksha beads and pearls. In the center hematite bead.

Rudrakshas, the fruits of the sacred Rudraksha tree, are believed to be the god Shiva himself. Their importance is unique and the divine favor they bring to people when they wear them is so great that all evil is removed and they are blessed with health, good fortune, wealth, spirituality. These trees grow mainly in Nepal and Indonesia, where the climatic conditions favor them, while their cultivation has failed everywhere else.

The pearl symbolizes the "intelligence in the dark", the power, wisdom, happiness and good that is hidden inside every person. A properly charged pearl jewelry can bring wealth to the wearer and improve their finances and working conditions. It offers peace and tranquility, honesty, purity and integrity of character, protects against emotional trauma. It helps us get in touch with the simple and honest things in life. Able to collect scattered things and feelings.

Hematite: Activates mental abilities and improves memory. It encourages personal growth, removes limitations. It balances the body, mind and spirit. To bring peace, self-control and inner happiness. For blood disorders. Grounding, protection. Concentration and focus. It stimulates the memory. Frees from obsessions and addictions. It is a talisman for family and health. Removes anger and conflicts. It is a powerful protection against geopathies, radiation and Ley lines. Particularly useful during periods of study, especially in mathematics, if combined with a lapis lazuli.

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