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Mala Indian - carnelian

Mala Indian - carnelian
Mala Indian - carnelian


Carnelian got its name from the Latin word “caro” meaning flesh, because of its color. We find it from pale orange to dark brownish red. Very dark carnelian is called Sardios.
• Can be used to enhance sexuality and attracts carnal love.
• Encourages shy people to gain confidence and fluency and supports us in public speaking.
• Carnelian soothes and calms, but above all it helps us come to terms with the darker side of nature, be it sexuality, winter or death.
• It is believed to protect people from quarrels, diseases of the mind, while relaxing and dispelling anger.
• It gives life, courage and strength, helping us to overcome depression or apathy towards life.
• For those who have developed psychic gifts, it can be used as an aid to look back on past reincarnations.
• Directly associated with money, abundance and professional advancement. It is a symbol of strength and beauty.
• Helps the parent-child relationship and restores love and trust.

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